How to Add Menu and Page link in Blogspot

Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard and Click on Layout tab.
Step 2:  On the template you will see Cross-Column section of template. You just need to click on“Add Gadgets” link. After clicking on “Add Gadgets”,a window will open where you can see many Gadgets are available. On this window you need to go for “Basic” . On the Basic section you need to add “Pages” Gadgets for Menu.
In the following window you need to click on Plus sign.

Step 3: After clicking on Plus sign you will see, a window open like below screenshot.
In this window you need to click on Add External link.

Step 4: After clicking on above mentioned link. You can see , a another window will open with page titel and Page address input. Here we need to put Name of Menu and URL(Web address) and then save link.
Follow screenshot.

Step 5: After clicking on save link button. You can see Your Menu is add to the list. Here you can remove menu anytime if you want or you can add more menu link. If you want to add more Menu then follow step 3.

Step 6: If you are done with your task then you need to save your gadgets.

After saving your gadget you can see Menu in your blog like this.


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